Blue Fire Pointer S207 ISS Investigating the factor that affect electrolysis of saltwater and calcium carbonate: Cover Page

Cover Page

Project Title: Investigating the factors that affect electrolysis of saltwater and brine


Electrolysis of seawater place a crucial role for the formation of calcium carbonate on the cathode. Our research is on the factors that would affect the electrolysis of seawater. The two factors we are researching on is the best material for the anode and the best temperature of the salt water for the growth of the calcium carbonate.The question can be solved by using the electrolysis on the cathode.The results will be collected by weighing the cathode and anode before and after the experiment and thereby we will be able to calculate the amount of the calcium carbonate collected. The amount of calcium carbonate formed on the cathode is directly proportional to the electrolysis of seawater and coral chips. Through our results, we have found out that the best material for the anode is actually brass and the best temperature for electrolysis is 20 degree celsius. Through further research, we found out that the best material to make anode is zinc. Our specific results of which anode material and which temperature of the sea water that is the best for the process, electrolysis would be useful to create a wire mesh, which would be able to encourage the growth of corals. (Wolf ,1974).

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